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Name: Dr. Ajit Kumar Dash#
Designation:Assistant Professor

Extn: 308:


  • Educational Qualifications

      Ph.D. in Economics(Public Finance), Sambalpur University


      Public Finance, Sambalpur University


      M.A in Economics, Sambalpur University


      B.A. in Economics (Hons.),Gangadhar Meher College,Sambalpur

  • Teaching & Research Interest

    • Teaching Interest
      ●  Managerial Economics
      ●  Micro Economics
      ●  Macro Economics
      ●  Public and Environmental Economics
      ●  Money, Banking and Financial Institution
      ●  Entrepreneurship

      Research Interest
      ●  Public Economics
      ●  Environmental Economics
      ●  Management Sciences

  • Academic and Professional Experience

    • ●  20 July 2017 to till date  - Asst Professor, Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

      ●  26 January 20014 to 14 July 2017 -  Asst .Professor, ICFAI University Raipur, Chhattisgarh

      ●  1 July 2011 to 26th January 2014 - Asst .Professor, ICFAI University Tripura

      ●  1 July 2007 to 1 July 2011 - Lecturer, ICFAI University Tripura

      ●  2005-2007 - Project Assistant, Sambalpur University

  • Selected publications

    • 1. “Fiscal Performance of North Eastern States of India: Relative Position Among all States of India” with Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Rath , Arthshasastra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research ,Vol: 5 ,Issue 6,November-December 2016.[Print ISSN 2278-1811]

      2. “ State Fiscal Problems and Role of Central Assistance: The Case of North Eastern States of India ” With Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Rath , Indian journal of Finance, Volume 10,Issue 4 ,May 2016,pp33-49 [Published By Associated Management Consultants, Print ISSN 0973-8711,SCOPUS indexed]

      3. “ An Analysis of Domar’s Interpretation of Debt Sustainability with Reference to Sub-National Government Finances of India ” With Dr.Sudhansu Sekhar Rath, The International Journal Of Business & Management, Volume: 4,Issue: 3, March 2016,pp 228-233 [Published By Globeedu Group ,Online ISSN 2321–8916]

      4.“ A Study on Deficit and Debt Scenario of North Eastern States of India ” With Dr.Sudhansu Sekhar Rath, Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume : 6, Issue : 3, March 2016,pp 544-546 [Published By The Global Journals, Print ISSN 2249-555X]

      5. “ Growth and Public Debt Scenario of North Eastern States of India” International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review, Vol.1, Issue.12. pp 142-149, , June – 2015 [Published By: SLAA Publications Pvt. Ltd. Online ISSN 2349-6746, Print ISSN 2349-6738]

      6. “ Is inequality in fiscal performance nonlinear stationary in Northeastern States of India ” With Aviral Tiwari, International Journal of Development Research and Quantitative Techniques,Volume-1 Number-2,pp 56-62,Autmon,2011 [Published By Brown Walker Press, USA, ISSN 0974-3472,ISBN 978-1-61233-563-6]

      7. “ Fiscal Performance of Special Category States in India: A Case Study of Tripura State Finance ” Euro Economica, Volume 29,Issue 3 ,pp:121-132,September,2011 [Published By:Danubius University Press,Romania, Online ISSN 1582-8859]

      8. “ Measuring Fiscal Performance of Orissa Using Composite Index Model ”, IUP Journal of Public Finance,Volume IX,Number 3,pp58-73,August 2011 [Published By: ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad]

      9. “Use of Online Social Networking Sites by College Students and Its Implication for Marketing: A Case Study in Tripura ” Indian Journal of Marketing, Volume 41, Number 41,pp 68-76,October 2011 [Published By: IJM, Print ISSN 0973-8703, SCOPUS indexed]

      10. “Rural Customer Behavior towards Insurance Policies and its Implication for Rural Marketing: A Village Level Study in Tripura ” International Journal for Business, Economics and Management Research, Volume 2, Issue 9 ,pp 61-78,September 2011 [Published by Sri Krishna Research & Educational Consortium, Online ISSN 2229‐4848]

      11. “ Towards faster and more inclusive growth: Issues and challenges ” Conference Proceedings, Vol-I, 2009, Council for Social Development, Hyderabad

  • Book

    • 1. “Public Debt and North Eastern States of India” ISBN- 978-620-2-01818-0, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany

  • Selected Publication

    • 1. “Growth and Composition of Primary Expenditure – A State wise Analysis of North Eastern States of India”, Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Vol 4 ,Issue 8,August 2017. [ISSN 2278-859X]

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