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Name: Dr. Ajit Kumar Dash#
Designation:Assistant Professor

Extn: 308:


  • Educational Qualifications

      Ph.D. in Economics(Public Finance), Sambalpur University


      Public Finance, Sambalpur University


      M.A in Economics, Sambalpur University


      B.A. in Economics (Hons.),Gangadhar Meher College,Sambalpur

  • Teaching & Research Interest

    • Teaching Interest
      ●  Managerial Economics
      ●  Micro Economics
      ●  Macro Economics
      ●  Public and Environmental Economics
      ●  Money, Banking and Financial Institution
      ●  Entrepreneurship

      Research Interest
      ●  Public Economics
      ●  Environmental Economics
      ●  Management Sciences

  • Academic and Professional Experience

    • ●  20 July 2017 to till date  - Asst Professor, Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

      ●  26 January 2014 to 14 July 2017 -  Asst .Professor, ICFAI University Raipur, Chhattisgarh

      ●  1 July 2011 to 26th January 2014 - Asst .Professor, ICFAI University Tripura

      ●  1 July 2007 to 1 July 2011 - Lecturer, ICFAI University Tripura

      ●  2005-2007 - Project Assistant, Sambalpur University

  • Selected publications
    • 1. “Growth and Composition of Primary Expenditure – A State wise Analysis of North Eastern States of India”, Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Vol 4 ,Issue 8,August 2017. [ISSN 2278-859X]

      2. “Fiscal Performance of North Eastern States of India: Relative Position Among all States of India” with Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Rath , Arthshasastra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research ,Vol: 5 ,Issue 6,November-December 2016.[Print ISSN 2278-1811]

      3. “ State Fiscal Problems and Role of Central Assistance: The Case of North Eastern States of India ” With Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Rath , Indian journal of Finance, Volume 10,Issue 4 ,May 2016,pp33-49 [Published By Associated Management Consultants, Print ISSN 0973-8711,SCOPUS indexed]

      4. “ An Analysis of Domar’s Interpretation of Debt Sustainability with Reference to Sub-National Government Finances of India ” With Dr.Sudhansu Sekhar Rath, The International Journal Of Business & Management, Volume: 4,Issue: 3, March 2016,pp 228-233 [Published By Globeedu Group ,Online ISSN 2321–8916]

      5.“ A Study on Deficit and Debt Scenario of North Eastern States of India ” With Dr.Sudhansu Sekhar Rath, Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume : 6, Issue : 3, March 2016,pp 544-546 [Published By The Global Journals, Print ISSN 2249-555X]

      6. “ Growth and Public Debt Scenario of North Eastern States of India” International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review, Vol.1, Issue.12. pp 142-149, , June – 2015 [Published By: SLAA Publications Pvt. Ltd. Online ISSN 2349-6746, Print ISSN 2349-6738]

      7. “ Is inequality in fiscal performance nonlinear stationary in Northeastern States of India ” With Aviral Tiwari, International Journal of Development Research and Quantitative Techniques,Volume-1 Number-2,pp 56-62,Autmon,2011 [Published By Brown Walker Press, USA, ISSN 0974-3472,ISBN 978-1-61233-563-6]

      8. “ Fiscal Performance of Special Category States in India: A Case Study of Tripura State Finance ” Euro Economica, Volume 29,Issue 3 ,pp:121-132,September,2011 [Published By:Danubius University Press,Romania, Online ISSN 1582-8859]

      9. “ Measuring Fiscal Performance of Orissa Using Composite Index Model ”, IUP Journal of Public Finance,Volume IX,Number 3,pp58-73,August 2011 [Published By: ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad]

      10. “Use of Online Social Networking Sites by College Students and Its Implication for Marketing: A Case Study in Tripura ” Indian Journal of Marketing, Volume 41, Number 41,pp 68-76,October 2011 [Published By: IJM, Print ISSN 0973-8703, SCOPUS indexed]

      11. “Rural Customer Behavior towards Insurance Policies and its Implication for Rural Marketing: A Village Level Study in Tripura ” International Journal for Business, Economics and Management Research, Volume 2, Issue 9 ,pp 61-78,September 2011 [Published by Sri Krishna Research & Educational Consortium, Online ISSN 2229‐4848]

      12. “ Towards faster and more inclusive growth: Issues and challenges ” Conference Proceedings, Vol-I, 2009, Council for Social Development, Hyderabad

  • Professional Affiliation

    • 1. Member, Institute for Labor Economics, Noieda, New Delhi, India
      2. Member, Economics Science Society of Tripura,India
      3. Member, Indian Econometric Society
      4. Member, Indian Economic Association
      5. Member Review /Editorial Board:
      i. Review Board Member for “Euro Economica” Danubius University Press,Galati,Romania
      ii. Review Board Member for “International Journal of Management and Development Studies” GRABS Educational Charitable Trust, Nanganallur, Tamilnadu,India
      iii. Review Board Member for “International Journal of Management and Social Development” GRABS Educational Charitable Trust, Nanganallur, Tamilnadu,India
      iv. Editorial Board Member for “International Journal of Business Management” Globeedu Group
      v. Review Board Member for “Global Journal of Research in Business and Management” Global Publishing Corporation, Heir, Amritsar (Punjab) India, 143101

  • Book

    • 1. “Public Debt and North Eastern States of India” ISBN- 978-620-2-01818-0, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany

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