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Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program in Management - Birla Global University Bhubaneswar

Name: Dr Ajitabh Dash#
Designation:Assistant Professor




  • Brief Profile

    • Dr. Dash has earned his MBA with Marketing specialisation from Fakir Mohan University and PhD in Management from the same University. He has rich and varied experience of ten years both in academics and research in different capacities and institutions. He has several publications to his credit in referred national and international journals. Dr. Dash has also presented several papers in different national conferences and seminars including PAN-IIM world management conference organised by IIM-Lucknow .

      He has participated in training programs on research methodology and data analytics at IIT Kharagpur and IIM Bangalore. He is currently guiding five PhD scholars in the area of Marketing Management.

  • Academic Qualification


      “Service Quality in Commercial Banks in Odisha: A comparative study” from Fakir Mohan University, Odisha


      Masters of Business Administration from Fakir Mohan university, Odisha

      Any Other

      Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operation from IGNOU

  • Research Interest

    • Consumer behaviour at the bottom of the economic pyramid, Diffusion of Innovation, Technology acceptance Model, UTAUT

  • Academic Experience

    • More than 10 years of experience in teaching post graduate students.

  • Courses Offered

    • ●  Consumer behaviour
      ●  Digital Marketing
      ●  Marketing Analytics
      ●  International Marketing
      ●  Principles of marketing

  • Selected publications

    • Book

      ●  Dash A (2018), "Role Of Social Media: Attracting & Engaging Customers In Online Shopping" International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices, Volume 6 Issue 1 March 2018(ISSN: 2320-7523).

      ●  Dash, A. (2017). Perception and Intention of Youth's Towards Online Shopping: An Empirical Assessment. In Business Analytics and Cyber Security Management in Organizations(pp. 28-37). IGI Global.

      ●  Dash, A. (2017). Attribute-based Perceptual Mapping of Selected Telecom Operators: An Empirical Study. BULMIM Journal of Management and Research, 2(1), 1-4.

      ●  Dash A (2015), " Demographic profile and customer loyalty: A study on organised retail sector" , Sedme(Small Enterprises Development, Management & Extension Journal) Vol. 42, No. 4, December 2015. ISSN No- 0970-8464

      ●  Dash A (2015), " Quality Based Perceptual Mapping of Health Insurance companies in India: An Empirical Study" . VilakshanThe XIMB Journal of Management.

      ●  Dash A (2015), "Quality Based Perceptual Mapping of leading Banks in India: An Empirical Study". IUP Journal of Management Research, Vol. XIV, No. 4, October 2015, pp. 61-71.

      ●  Dash A (2015), "Service Quality and Customer Retention: An Empirical Study on Organised Retail Sector", ANVESHAK(Volume 4, issue-1, ISSN: 2278-8913)

      ●  Dash A (2014), "Hedonic Motivation and Consumer behavior: An Empirical Investigation" Siddhant- A journal of decision Making. (Volume 14, issue-3, ISSN: 2231-0649)

      ●  Dash A (2014), "Branch Automation as a Driver of Customer Satisfaction:A study with reference to Public Sector Banks". International Journal on Global Business management and research (Volume-3(1) ISSN 2278-8425).

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      ●  Dash A (2013) " Diffusion of Mobile banking and Its Adoption: An Empirical Study in India." Siddhant- Ajournal of decision Making. (Volume 13, issue-4, ISSN: 2231-0649). Pp-261-266.

      ●  Dash A & Patra SK (2013) "Service Quality as a key to Customer Satisfaction: An Assessment with Private Banks in Odisha". European Journal Of Commerce And Management Research (EJCMR). (Volume-2 (11))Online: ISSN 2051-8099 Print: ISSN 2051-8080 .PP 248-253.

      ●  Dash A (2013) "Technological revolution and its implication on customer value perception: A Study on Indian Banking Sector". International Journal of innovative research and development. (Volume-2 Issue-12, ISSN: 2278-0211). PP 76-81.

      ●  Dash A & Patra SK (2013) " Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical investigation on Public Sector Banks of Odisha ". Journal of Research in Marketing. (Volume-2 (1)).PP 113-118

      ●  Dash A & Patra G C (2013) " Customer Satisfaction Management in E-Banking: An analytical Study with Banks in India. " FMU Journal of Management(Volume-1, Issue-1 ISSN: 2320-8899). PP-24-31.

      ●  Dash A (2012) " Online Shopping and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation." International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce(volume-2 (II), ISSN: 2250-057X). PP 42-49.

      ●  17. Dash A and Das B (2012) " Satisfaction Management in Public Sector Bank: An Empirical Analysis of ATM service." ANVESA The Journal of F.M. University(volume-7, Issue-1, ISSN: 0974-715X ). PP 01-06.

  • FDPs Attended

    • ●  1. Attended a Two week Quality improvement program on Data Analytics; Organized by IIT Kharagpur in September 2015.

      ●  Attended a Two week faculty development program on Educational Research; Organized by IIT Kharagpur in June 2015.

      ●  Attended a one week faculty development program on Knowledge Management; Organized by Department of HSS,IIT Kharagpur in February 2015.

      ●  Attended a one week faculty development program on Data Analytics With R; Organized by VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur in August 2014.

      ●  5. Attended a one week faculty development program on Consumer Behaviour:Role of Market Research; Organized by VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur in May 2012.

      ●  Attended a one week faculty development program on Professional Ethics: Organized by Department of Humanities, IIT Kharagpur in 2011

      ●  Attended two days faculty development program on "Data analysis using SPSS 20" organized by BPUT at CITE, Bhubaneswar in 2011.

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