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Name: Sujit Kumar Patra#
Designation:Assistant Professor (Marketing)




  • Educational Qualifications

      "Measurement of customer satisfaction in health insurance sector of India: An Empirical study", From - Sambalpur University.


      Master of Business Administration from Sambalpur university.


      Any Other Degree

      Master of Science in Ecology and Environment from Sikkim manipal University.


  • Research Interest

    • Service Quality, Customer satisfaction & Health insurance

  • Academic Experience

    • More than 10 years of experience in Teaching Graduate and post graduate students.

  • Courses Offered

    • Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing, Product & Brand Management

  • Selected publications

      1. Patra S K, “Service Quality Assessment in Banking Industry of India: A Comparative Study between Public and Private Sectors”, European Journal of Social Sciences-Volume 16, Number 4 -2010. ISSN 1450=2267

      2. Patra S K, “Likes, Tweets and Shares in the Web-Measuring Educational Institutions’ Social Media Presence”, at the 4th International Conference on Information Technology & Business Intelligence (ITBI-12), held on November 23-25, 2012. Jointly organized by IMT Nagpur and IMIS Bhubaneswar. International journal of research in management, economics & commerce-Volume-2, issue-11, Page-395-411, ISSN: 2250-057X, Nov-2012.

      3. Patra S K, “Factors affecting Customer Satisfaction in Health Insurance sector of India: A Regression Model Analysis” European Journal of Social Sciences-Volume 43, No 3,May,2014,PP-202-208. ISSN 1450=2267

      4. Patra S K,“Measuring service quality in Health Insurance Sector of India: A study with respect to Health Insurance Company, Network hospitals and Third party Administrators” European Journal of Social Sciences-Volume 44, issue-1,June,2014,Pg-35-46. ISSN 1450=2267

      5. Patra S K, “Marketing Smart City Bhubaneswar: A Stakeholders' Analysis”, Indian Journal of Economics & Business-Volume 16, Number 1, (2017): 101-119. ISBN-0972-5784

      1. Patra S K, “An empirical study on customer’s expectations and perceptions in Union Bank of India“ Calyx, Journal of Business Management, Vol.1, No.1, December 2010, ISSN 2249-4260.

      2. Patra S K, “Health Care Governance: A Conceptual Model linking the State, Providers and citizens." National Seminar on Governance: Issues & Challenges, Organized by Institute of Professional Studies & Research, Cuttack on 19/03/14. Paper is published in their Management Review Journal ISSN/0976-2027 Vol-XII, No. 1(January -June 2014).

      3. Patra S K, “Factor affecting the choice of health insurance policies in India, Marketing Master Mind “The IUP Journal of Business Strategy, IUP Publications” April-2016, Pg, 44-53. ISSN: 0972-9259

      4. Patra S K, “Mergers and bank performance in India: A case on State Bank of India “Srusti Management Review” June-2019,ISSN: 0974-4274, Volume-XII, Issue-1, listed under Indian citation indexed, Google scholar.

  • MDP Conducted

    • Organized Management Development Programme on “Emerging issues and Challenges of Service sector in India” on 6th -7th February 2009

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