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Heir to a glorious tradition of learning and scholarship, India today is modern, young and focused on reinventing itself to take its rightful place among the comity of nations. Demographically speaking, every Second Indian is less than 25 years of age today. The vast energy of such a youthful nation is finding creative outlets in all fields – be it education, business, entrepreneurship, defense, sports, governance etc.

Jayashree MohtaThis is the context in which we have to view education in our country. There is an insatiable thirst for knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship among the youth of India, as witnessed in the explosion of graduate and post-graduate education, especially professional courses. Their needs can be satisfied only by the quality educational institutions with requisite standards in every respect. Delivering anything less will be unjust and unfair to the aspirations of thousands of young hopefuls.
We are acutely conscious of our responsibilities in this regard and have been striving to render quality  education with values.
We have ensured that BGU students can find complete self-expression in the university’s ambience. We are, thus, rendering every help to them to make their dreams come true.
It gives me great pleasure to commend BGU to the youth of India !
Jayashree Mohta

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