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Student Activities
Several Student Conduits and Committees have been formed under which different activities are carried out throughout the year by the students.

Sports Conduit
Facilities are available on campus to engage students in several sporting activities throughout the year. The sports conduit organises various events both within the institute and also takes on the responsibility of forming teams for different competitions in intercollegiate events.

Cultural Conduit
The executive members organise various functions and festivals with the help of other student volunteers. To date, Independence Day, Janmasthami, Ganesh Chaturti etc. have been organised on the campus.

Food Conduit
The food conduit coordinate and assist the campus mess in preparing the monthly menu for all meals like breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Besides this, the conduit also organises special meals on special occasions to the satisfaction of the students on the campus. Some special meals organised: on Campfire night, Independence Day, Janmashthami, Ganesh Chaturti, Onam etc

Quizzing & Debating Club
Organises quizzes and debates within the campus and also ensures participation of teams in intercollegiate events. One such team participation was in SRARX 2013 event conducted by IMI, Bhubaneswar. The team from BIMTECH, won the first prize.

Discipline Committee
Members of this conduit ensure that discipline is maintained on the Campus, in the hostel and in the mess. Any observations of deviations are dealt with deftly and differences resolved between differing individuals at the earliest.

Editorial Committee
Ensures that all events are recorded and reported; this is later brought out in the form of a Newsletter

CCR Committee
Is the team for the Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR). This committee is the single-window for contacting Organisations to invite them to the campus for various activities like guest lectures, student interactions, projects, internships, final placements etc.

Media & PR Committee
Maintains relations with the local and national media houses and ensures that all events conducted by the institute are given due coverage.

The members of this club are responsible for recording the various events on and off the campus through the ‘eye of the lens’. Records of all the memories captured are then maintained in the library for future use.

Provides support to all the conduits and committees by creating the art and graphics required to be designed for various events. They are innovative and bursting with creativity.

CSR Committee
Spearheads and guides the Corporate Social Activities undertaken by the students of the campus.

Social Media Committee
It spearheads the activities in the social media space disseminating information and inviting participation in discussions and knowledge exchange from the external world.

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